RPM Recs started out as collectors, mainly because we love music in its unadulterated, non-digitized version and we love the richness of it all. As such, we didn’t mind getting the best deals on Indian classical music records from a dusty Delhi bazar, as much we enjoyed sourcing reggae artists from the most unconventional of places in the world.

That experience opened our eyes to the need and almost global appeal for great music, as we met many who would gladly sell an organ to get an original signed cover of musicians, singers, you name it.

There was also the negative aspect of record hoarding – the shady eBay record flippers and online scam artists who love to make a quick buck at the behest of the many who actually want to enjoy great music over an evergreen audio platform like the vinyl.

Thus, was born RPM Recs, an online point-of-sale and resource aggregator for all things related to vinyl, and that includes turn tables and music players. We scour the world and try to offer the best information and prices on LPs and Singles as well as the know-how on maintaining them at their musical best.