Buying a record is but the start of a journey. Keeping it running and playing well for long is what makes that journey worthwhile. Don’t fret, follow our tips and tricks, you (and your records) will be fine.

Vinyl records are like that aging superstar of a team and if handled properly will lay down a musical service like none other. And there are several things that go into keeping these groovy discs in shape, starting from handling and casing to expert tactics of cleaning them.

Essential Tips About Handling And Casing Vinyls Properly

When not in use, vinyl records need proper storage otherwise they can be subject to various distortions in their shape  (warping) as well as their makeup owing to heat, abrasions, unwanted deposits etc. That means ruining these music-storage masterpieces requires very little effort, and remarkably caring for them requires just as much if not more or less. First and foremost, ...
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