We understand it can be overwhelming for someone who’s new to the whole vinyl records scene. So, here’s an entire section dedicated to first-timers that should get them comfortable with the terminologies and simply buying choices.

There is no denying the popularity of vinyl records, which has risen over the last few years. Most would attribute it to a sense of nostalgia. Lets face it – there is something really magical and historic about listening to Dark Side of The Moon on a record player which just isn’t the same when heard in MP3 or other lossless digital formats.

But its not just nostalgia. Vinyl records do sound different and in most cases even better than their digital counterparts. It is indeed hard to explain but that warm, ‘vinyl’ tone is something that needs experiencing not explaining.

Perhaps that’s why audio cassettes, 8-track and CDs have lost out to the online medium of music storage and playback whereas vinyl records actually managed a resurgence of sorts in recent years. If you’re new to the vinyl scene, then these articles should help you get up to speed.

Layman’s Guide To Understanding LP, Single, EP And Other Vinyl Record Terms

Be it us or some other website selling vinyl records online, you are bound to come across terms like LP, EP, 12”, 7” etc. While these terms might be nothing for an enthusiast, they can get confusing for someone new to world of vinyl records. So, this time around, we decided to demystify these record format terms for all and ...
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Vinyl, Size And Speed – Understanding The Intricate Relationships

All vinyl records produce music from spinning around a center, which is the then picked up by the stylus and that’s the short version of a vinyl record player’s working. Now, most record players can accommodate varying RPM settings and you could theoretically play any record at any speed. However, not matching a record with its optimal RPM will result ...
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